Defining a new category of cooking appliances.

The LeMax Grill isn‘t simply our best electric grill – it‘s so much more. With the LeMax Grill, grilling becomes dramatically more versatile and healthier. Its special shaped stainless steel housing offers the quality and functionality to make this mobile cooking appliance the best electric grill for indoor and outdoor.

Product description

The LeMax Grill II, Model GR 495165-E, is a professional, portable electric cooking appliance, developed for efficient cooking and grilling directly on the ceramic glass surface. It has a large square cooking surface with totally uniform temperature distribution. The LeMax Grill II is exceptional in quality and functionality. Thanks to its handles and special insulation, the LeMax Grill is the best electric grill for indoor and outdoor. Large variety of dishes can easily be prepared without any use of pots and pans. With its high quality insulation and an efficient designed heating element, operation of the appliance is both, quick and economical. Due to the pore-free and sealed ceramic glass surface, very little fat is required. Through this, healthy and low calorie preparation of food is assured. Through the high and uniform surface temperature distribution of over 360°C/650°F, the pores of meats are quickly sealed. Vitamins and minerals are not drawn out, foods retain their natural flavour and remain juicy and tender. The LeMax Grill II is our best electric grill ever. This appliance serves nearly all purposes and is well suited for professional use in the catering trade, for example in snack bars and cafeterias, but is also exceptional for health minded households. It is perfect for Japanese teppanyaki cooking and as a hot plate on parties as well.

Made for the ones that love cooking


Grill your steaks and sausages
and enjoy tender and juicy meat.


Make your own Italian Pizza
with a delicious crust.


Prepare a full English Breakfast
with less calories.

LeMax can do it all!

Steaks, eggs, pizza, vegetables, fish, crêpes and much more. The possibilities with LeMax are endless.

Health benefits

The LeMax Grill is the best electric grill for health minded households. Cooking on the LeMax grill is dramatically lower in calories and more vitamin-preserving.


Use dramatically less fat during food preparation. Thanks to the even glass surface of the LeMax grill, food does not attach to the surface. Just a small drop of fat on the surface will be enough to make a more healthy meal.


Due to its high and even temperature distribution, steaks and sausage are evenly sealed and stay fresh in taste and tenderness. During the LeMax cooking process the vitamins of your vegetables remain inside and taste delicious.

Quality “Made in Germany”

Every detail in design and functionality of the LeMax Grill is well thought-out. The design of the LeMax Grill is kept simple, and yet it is a true master piece of quality. The great engineering makes this unit the best electric grill for indoor and outdoor.

Watch the LeMax video

Technical specifications

Electric connection

– Connection: 230 V, 10 A

– Power rating: 2300 W

– Power cable: 200 cm long with plug

Weight & Dimensions

– Cooking surface: 335 x 335 mm (=1120 cm²)

– Length: 495 mm

– Width: 450 mm

– Heigth: 80 mm (incl. feet)

– Weigth: 9,6 kg


– Electrical safety: Push-&-Turn knob

– Spraywater protection: as per IP 34

– Insulated housing

– Special insulated handles

– Safety and CE tested

The best electric grill for indoor and outdoor

On the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony or even when camping, the LeMax Grill is ideal for grilling and for the preparation of various dishes. Thanks to its special ceramic-glass, dishes are prepared directly on the cooking surface, without any use of pots and pans. Due to the simple preparation of food, the LeMax Grill is often called “the best electric grill for indoors and outdoor”. The LeMax Grill is specially insulated. The housing is never too hot and the handles are noticeably cold. These features make our best electric grill extremely mobile. For this reason, this appliance is also often placed in the middle of the table for parties.

One appliance for everything – the LeMax Grill!

The LeMax Grill is extremely versatile. Thanks to the direct cooking method different dishes can be cooked simultaneously. So steaks can be cooked along with potatoes and mixed vegetables. A hearty breakfast with fried eggs, sausages and toast is easily made. The LeMax Grill has no limits. Even baking an Italian pizza is simple to make. Desserts like delicate French crêpes are conceivable. In addition, the LeMax Grill is often used on parties as a hotplate for soups or sauces. Hobby cooks, but also professional chefs, love the LeMax Grill and like to call it their best and most versatile electric grill.

Test of our best electric grill

The LeMax Grill is manufactured in Germany and is subject to strict quality checks. Our engineers do not leave anything to chance. Both inside and outside of the LeMax Grill is planned in detail. All LeMax Grills regularly run through hardness tests. Also the units are checked for durability and quality . We at ELAG also pay special attention to the materials used and components. ELAG collaborates with the most recognized companies in the industry to make the LeMax Grill truly the best electric grill. From the glass-ceramic surface to the electrical components ELAG only works with the best suppliers that truly meet ELAGs quality standards. The insulation of the LeMax Grills is without comparison. Test results show that our best electric grills pass even at the highest temperatures security and functionality tests.

A comparison with other electric grills

Comparing the LeMax Grill with similar products in its category shows that our best electric grill is like no other. The LeMax Grill has a special unibody housing made of sturdy stainless steel, which is most probably the most distinctive quality feature. The housing includes no weld marks. It is protected from above against dripping liquids. Also, the cooking surface is slightly lowered in order to ensure the safety when grilling lots of fat. The LeMax Grill is the electric grill that truly holds its promise on mobility. No comparable grill has such a unique insulation as the LeMax Grills. For ELAG the best electric grill is the one that unifies mobility, security, quality and functionality in one appliance.