What it means to build German cooking appliances

To make truly great cooking products, that are reliable, functional and beautiful, we feel it is necessary to build them there, where people care a lot about quality and precision, and where people have pride of their work – in Germany. At ELAG, we empower all workers at any production step to deliver their best possible work. This is when true proudness comes into place and results in responsibility for every product leaving the assembly line. For this reason our work at ELAG is joyful and fulfilling.

Accountability – We work every day to uphold our standards and fulfill customer expectations

At ELAG we know that it is not enough to just set high standards. We also must work every day to ensure they are upheld. Throughout the assembly process of any ELAG product, there are several quality checks made. We developed our own system to guarantee high quality in- and outside every product. Assembly workers at ELAG are proud of their work. Every production step of each unit can be matched with the employee in charge and ensures therefore consistent quality.

To keep the bar high, our operation managers constantly evaluate with our engineers and assembly workers our production practices. We encourage our workers in group meetings to put themselves in the position of our customers. This is why ELAG employees truly believe to understand what its customers expect from German cooking appliances. ELAG’s management puts a lot of emphasis to be close to the product development and production stage. This is how we create alignment with our values throughout the company.

Every manufactured product is checked several times. One cooktop e.g. runs through 6+ visual examinations and electric tests.

ELAG's management is hands-on in order to guarantee flexibility and quality for its customers.

ELAG's Quality Check Labels ensure responsibility of each worker at any step of the production.

Suppliers at ELAG – Our suppliers must be committed, as we are, to ensuring the highest quality.

At ELAG, we work very close with our suppliers. We choose to work with the most recognized suppliers of the industry. From the glass components of our cooktops until the electronic modules of our electric grills, all components are selected very carefully to uphold our standards for our German cooking appliances. We understand our responsibility to deliver a high-quality product “Made in Germany”. At ELAG, we empower our suppliers to team up with us to create the best German cooking appliances possible.

“A great ELAG cooking appliance is not only made during development phase, but through disciplined and consistent good work at the assembly line.”

Kevin Wirkner, Mechanic
In charge of the assembly of metal components

Assembly line workers during production of ELAG cooktops.

Truly “Made in Germany” – German cooking appliances

Our best cooking appliances are designed and manufactured in Germany. ELAG believes in German values like discipline, hard work and precision. Our workforce is noticeably proud of its work and products. The moment you truly made something special – either in quality or function – that is the moment, when you feel pride for your work. ELAG aligns its workforce through workshops and meetings with the values of the company.

ELAG wants to be valued by its customers for its quality and for its beautiful, timeless design of its products. We at ELAG seek to develop products that are reliable. Therefore we spend an enormous amount of time in choosing the right materials for our products and the best possible construction to ensure long product life cycles. Customers all over the world choose the ELAG brand, because they truly care about the difference in workmanship.

“I put lots of time and emphasis in making our products esthetical but functional. I leave nothing to chance.”

Emre Akpinar, Technician
In charge of the glass development and assembly

Technician during development phase of a new cooktop model.

German Cooking Appliances from ELAG –
Why our customers choose our brand?

More durable materials

We choose components that have longer lifetime. For example: not only our housings are made of thick and durable stainless steel, but also every screw is sheeted specially to ensure long product life cycles.

Extended quality checks

We test our products beyond normal standards. ELAG tests its products several times along the assembly line. Our visual inspections, spot tests and electrical tests are not only an argument, but result in our best quality.

Reliable customer service

While working with our customers on new projects, our development team works very closely with our partners. Our customers can rely on prompt responses to individual needs.

Trained workforce

ELAG’s employees and workers are trained in their field. The workforce is continuously aligned with ELAG’s sense for German quality. Assembly workers at ELAG are proud of their work.

Technical know-how

All employees at ELAG have access to ELAG’s know-how of the last 35 years. Thanks to its great supplier relations, ELAG’s team works regularly onsite with suppliers to address technical solutions directly and in more detail.

Additional safety features

We leave nothing to chance. In our German cooking appliances you will find special insulation, additional safety features and extended quality checks to ensure safety for its user.

Every ELAG appliance is tested several times along the assembly line with high-tech testing machines.

German engineering in the kitchen

Very often, if you ask someone to name an example of german engineering, they will answer with german cars. Many people do not notice, that Germany is as much a pioneer in the kitchen industry as in the automobile industry. Professional chefs and hobby cooks love german cooking appliances. German cooking appliances like stoves, ovens, cooktops, hobs, microwaves, refrigerators etc. rank among the best products in their category. German cooking appliances differ in quality of materials, safety features, workmanship and functionality. Germany has a very high density of well-known global brands that offer german cooking appliances. ELAG has focused in the past 35 years on the production of high-quality cooktops and glass-ceramic grills.

What is german quality?

German product quality is among the best in the world. A german cooking appliance starts in the lab with engineers, trying to find a solution for a problem in the kitchen. The goal is to solve the problem by making a product that will function reliably, easily and long-lasting. In order to reach the goal of durability, the german cooking appliance needs to be built from high-quality materials. A german cooking appliance leaves nothing to chance and is tested many times in order to indicate all potential faults. The final german cooking appliance is technically constructed in a way, that chances of a defect a limited to a minimum. German values are not only quality, but also discipline and punctuality. This is why our customers choose ELAG’s customer service.

German Cooking Appliances from ELAG

ELAG designs and manufactures high-quality cooking appliances in Germany. Our expertise lies in producing german cooking appliances that have a high durability and reliability. The materials ELAG uses for its german cooking appliances are state-of-the-art. It starts with thick and strong stainless steel housings and ends with functional electronic modules. ELAG’s german cooking appliances are mostly made with glass-ceramic. This glass is chosen for ELAG’s cooktops and LeMax Grills. It is extremely durable and long-lasting. ELAG’s workers are proud of their german engineering. German cooking appliances in there eyes have been produced with passion and love to detail. Our employees love quality products, so do our customers.

German engineering for ELAG

“Made in Germany” is not just a label for ELAG’s employees. ELAG designs and manufactures its cooking appliances in Germany. ELAG workers are aware of their responsibility to the customers expectation. Customers that choose german cooking appliances believe in the quality of german workmanship. They believe that german cooking appliances have been manufactured with discipline and accuracy. ELAG is determined to fulfill this expectation. All our german cooking appliances are tested various times throughout the production line. At the end of the production line, if the appliance has passed all our quality and safety tests, then ELAG’s products receives our “Made in Germany” quality label.