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The new Professional Line from ELAG will change your way of cooking. You have never prepared meals more efficient and healthier. ELAG’s Professional Line combines the innovative LeMax grilling concept with modern induction technology. You will never want to cook differently!

Maximizing possibilities
More inspiration and creativity

The large cooking zones offer lots of space for your culinary creations. The LeMax Grill module enables fast and low-fat food preparation without any pans. With the special FlexZone technology of the surface induction cooktop you can position your pots and pans completely at your choice.

Modular built-in cooking system
Two flagships combined

Models of the ELAG Professional Line

LeMax Built-in Grill
No other grill offers more than LeMax from ELAG

Never before has it been possible to prepare so many different dishes on a built-in grill/ griddle. Whether grilling, steaming, stewing or roasting, LeMax is the universal built-in module for efficient and low-fat cooking. The possibilities are endless!

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Surface induction cooktop
Powerful induction cooktop with FlexZone technology

The built-in induction cooktop of the ELAG Professional Line offers two separate cooking zones. Both zones are equipped with a booster function for shorter heat up times. By activating the FlexZone, you may place your pots and pans freely on the entire cooking zone.

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A unique grilling experience

Peak temperatures up to 380°C

Thanks to the high temperatures LeMax is ideal for searing and grilling steaks.

With LeMax surface finishing

The cooking surface of LeMax is specially hardened, sugar resistant and easy to clean.

Even heat distribution

Due to the even heat distribution the entire grilling surface can be used perfectly.

No grill grate

Besides the usual grilled food various dishes can be cooked on the smooth glass surface.

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