Pasta sauce, bacon grease or baked-on cheddar cheese are just a few of the messes that cooktop owners have to face when using their glass-ceramic cooking appliances. Many glass-ceramic cooktop owners either use common glass cleaners, which are mostly to weak, others turn to abrasive chemical cleaners and sponges, which are too harsh for glass-ceramic cooking surfaces and can cause scratches. If you are looking for a simple method on how to clean a glass  cooktops, that does not compromise cleanliness or convenience, here is a step-by-step guide for how to clean a glass cooktop.

How to clean a glass cooktop?

The following 3-step-method is the absolute best way to clean a glass-ceramic cooktop and will most certainly lead to satisfying results.

Step 1

First use a metal scraper (found in your local hardware store) to clean off food buildups. Take care to hold the scraper at a 45-degree angle. Using the scraper to steep could cause scratches! Scrape off any water or baked-on food. Make sure to scrape off sticky items like sugar or jam immediately before the cooktop cools down. While removing these items use pot holders to hold the scraper. This will prevent you from burning your hand. The metal scraper is a surefire way to remove both mineral stains as well as water and baked-on food.

Step 2

Once the cooktop has coolen down, add a few drops of a glass-ceramic approved cooktop cleaner. Use a paper towel or soft rag to rub it evenly along the cooking surface of your ELAG product. These cleaners are cream based and mildly abrasive. This makes them strong enough to cut through mineral stains or backed-on food without leaving surface scratches. Leave the spreaded cleaner cream on your cooking surface for some time, so it can manifest its full effect.

Step 3

After some minutes, use a certified cooktop cleaner to rub down the surface. Then wet a soft cloth with water and wipe down the stove gently. Finally, dry the surface with a clean rag or paper towel. Your surface should now be shiny and new looking. By using ELAG’s “How to clean a glass cooktop”-instructions home cooks can retain the beauty and functionality of their cooktops for decades. One true advantage of glass-ceramic cooking appliances is the non-porous surface, which locks out food particles while the flat high-tech glass makes cleaning a walk-over.

Truly learn how to clean a glass cooktop

Our customers question us frequently how to clean their glass cooktop properly. It seems that their is a bit confusion due to the many articles on how to clean a glass cooktop, which you can find on the internet. Many how-to articles suggest the use of ammonia-based cleaners. Mostly these cleaners are not sufficient for glass-ceramic cooktops or other glass-ceramic cooking appliances. The reason is that they are not strong enough to eliminate food remnants. Other articles on “how to clean a glass cooktop” turn to more abrasive chemical cleaners. These cleaners are usually too harsh for glass-ceramic cooktops, especially in combination with abrasive sponges. In cooperation with its glass-ceramic producers, ELAG has prepared its 3-step cleaning instructions on how to clean a glass cooktop.

Messes that assault the average cooktop

The reason, why many articles such as “How to clean a glass cooktop?” or “Cleaning your glass-ceramic stove” have been written, is because throughout the lifetime of a glass-ceramic cooktop its owner faces various messes that need to be tackled. Most famous issues are burned-on food such as spaghetti sauce, baked-on cheddar cheese, bacon grease etc.. Also salted water that spilled while cooking becomes once in a while an issue. It is extremely important that you clean a glass cooktop properly. Otherwise you will cause damage or scratches to the surface. This is the reason why ELAG decided to write its best practices on how to clean a glass cooktop. This cooktop cleaning instructions is based upon the glass manufacturers recommendations.