The definition of a new category of cooking appliances

The LeMax Grill is our best glass-ceramic grill – it offers so much more than others. Grilling with the LeMax Grill becomes dramatically more diverse and healthier. Its specially shaped stainless steel housing provides the quality and functionality in order to be called “the best glass-ceramic grill for indoor and outdoor”.

Product description

The LeMax Grill II+, model GR 495075-E, is a professional, portable electric cooking appliance. It is designed for efficient cooking and for grilling directly on a glass-ceramic surface. It has a large, square cooking surface with a uniform temperature distribution. The LeMax Grill II+ is exceptional in quality and functionality. Thanks to the handles and their special insulation, the LeMax Grill the best glass-ceramic grill for indoor and outdoor. A wide choice of meals can be prepared quickly and easily without the use of pots and pans. With its high-quality insulation and its efficiently designed heating element, the griddle is both quick and economical. Due to the ultra-smooth and non-porous glass-ceramic surface very little fat is needed. Cooking becomes healthier and lower in calories. Thanks to the high and uniform temperature distribution of over 360 ° C / 650 ° F, the pores of the meat close quickly. Vitamins and minerals cannot escape, foods retain their natural flavor and remain juicy and tender. The LeMax Grill II + is our best glass-ceramic grill. This appliance is used almost for all purposes and is also made for professional use like in the catering industry – also they are well suited for snack bars and cafés, but also for health-conscious households. Furthermore, the LeMax Grill is wonderful for Japanese teppanyaki cooking and as a hot plate at parties.

Made for the ones that love cooking

The special feature of a glass-ceramic grill

A glass-ceramic grill has a smooth cooking surface out of SCHOTT CERAN® brand glass. Thanks to its smooth surface, the use of fats is limited to a lowest. Grilling is not only low in fat, but also preserves vitamins. The LeMax glass-ceramic grill has a large cooking surface, on which the most varied dishes can be prepared. Only with the LeMax Grill, it is possible to cook eggs, vegetables, crepes, grill steaks etc., or even a pizza is superbly baked on our best glass-ceramic grill. ELAG to a large extend has developed the direct cooking without pots and pans, and integrated it into its best glass-ceramic grills. The LeMax Grill ranks among the best glass-ceramic grills thanks to its high mobility.

Healthy grilling with the grill LeMax

The LeMax Grill allows cooking with significantly less fat. The best glass-ceramic grill of ELAG has a very smooth cooking surface. The glass-ceramic surface is virtually non-porous. For this reason, foods have nearly no chance to stick to the surface. Before cooking, the LeMax Grill is wetted only with a litte fat. The gentle preparation ensures that the vitamins remain in the food. Thanks to the powerful heating element temperatures up to 360°C can be achieved. These peak temperatures are ideal for juicy steaks and sausages as vitamins and minerals are literally sealed in the meat. Grilling or cooking on the LeMax Grill is therefore not only healthier but especially delicious.

A glass-ceramic grill made also for professionals

Thanks to the large cooking surface and the removable grease pan, the LeMax Grill is also often used by chefs. The griddle is durable and robust. Our best glass-ceramic grills are ideal for use in the show cooking or catering business. The LeMax grills are often used also for breakfasts in hotels or restaurants. The glass-ceramic grill is mobile. Thanks to its special insulation, the grill stays cool and is safe. Also snack bars, bistros or cafes have discovered the advantages of our best glass-ceramic grill. The LeMax Grill is not just a grill, but a full-fledged, mobile cooking appliance. Next to barbecue food a large variety of different foods can be prepared on the most powerful and versatile glass-ceramic ELAG grill. Thanks to its intelligent design, the cleaning of the device is a breeze.

High-quality glass-ceramic grill “Made in Germany”

The best glass-ceramic grill from ELAG is named: LeMax Grill. All appliances are manufactured in Germany. All LeMax glass-ceramic grills are subject to strict quality standards. The appliances are manufactured using only the best materials and components. ELAG in Germany has significantly developed cooking on a glass-ceramic surface and is the inventor of the first LeMax Grill. Since then all versions of the LeMax Grills are developed and produced in Germany. ELAG places great emphasis on quality and design. The design of the LeMax Grills/ Griddles aesthetic in shape, but also serves functionality and quality of the overall product. ELAG cooperates with the best suppliers of the industry in order to deliver its most unique and best glass-ceramic grills.