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Superior results thanks to innovative grill technology.

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The Original. LeMax.
The most versatile grill of all time

As soon as you use the LeMax Grill for the first time, you will note that you have never grilled with something similar before. More than ever with a grilling product, the LeMax Grill opens unprecedented grilling opportunities. Its impressive performance guarantees an unforgettable barbecue experience. But that is only the beginning. Leave your pots and pans in the cabinet and enjoy the new freedom during cooking! The LeMax Grill can be used for countless dishes, that are low in fat, healthy and have a more intense flavor.

The LeMax Grill in action!

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Grilling experience
When unique grill features serve the taste

Tender and juicy steaks

Cut directly on the glass surface

While barbecuing the LeMax Grill leaves nothing to be desired. With the LeMax Grill you are looking forward to steaks with a perfectly browned crust. Thanks to the high temperatures and the uniform heat distribution your steak is guaranteed to be tender and juicy . The variable temperature setting and the smooth surface enables even smallest vegetables to be grilled on the LeMax Grill.

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Results that support your health and fitness

Gentle cooking for fresh vegetables

Cook with significantly less fat

With the LeMax Grill excessive use of fat belongs to the past. Do something for your health and prepare from now on meals with less calories. Vegetables are cooked gently on the LeMax Grill. This way vitamins and minerals are contained. LeMax is the perfect Teppanyaki Grill!

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Advanced design that serves the use

Elegant design and high quality

Lowered cooking surface and insulated stainless steel frame

No electric grill is probably so thoughtful in its design as the LeMax Grill . The LeMax Grill is constructed like a professional cooking appliance – perfectly designed for optimal performance. The housing of the LeMax Grill is truly a masterpiece of design. Every detail designed to make the best grilling experience ever. For instance, the lowered cooking surface protects against overflowing fats and juices.

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Let your cooking ideas run wild

With the LeMax Grill the fun factor is guaranteed! The large cooking surface leaves plenty of space for your cooking creations: pancakes, eggs, steaks, vegetable or even pizza is possible! Get creative and cook together with family members and your friends. The LeMax Grill can do it all!

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Outside or inside – take the LeMax Grill wherever you go

The LeMax Grill is mobile and can be equally used in the kitchen, in the garden, on the balcony and on the terrace. Especially outdoors you will be amazed how many different dishes more can be prepared on the LeMax Grill than on conventional grill products. The cooking features of the LeMax Grill make this electric grill the most versatile mobile cooking device ever!

No other grill offers more than the LeMax Grill

It has never been possible to prepare so many different dishes on a grill appliance. Whether grilling, steaming, stewing or roasting, LeMax is the ideal electric cooking appliance for indoors and outdoors. The possibilities are endless!

Tested and approved.
The LeMax grill products have been tested by professional chefs and food bloggers. They were thrilled!

“For me it was a surprisingly good experience with an electric grill, I can really recommend the LeMax Grill.”


A unique grilling experience

Peak temperatures up to 380°C

Thanks to the high temperatures the LeMax Grill is ideal for searing and cooking steaks.

With LeMax surface finishing

The cooking surface of the LeMax Grill is specially hardened, sugar resistant and easy to clean.

Even heat distribution

There is no concentration of heat, so that the entire grilling surface can be used perfectly.

 No cooking grate

Besides the usual grilled food, different dishes can be cooked on the smooth surface .

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LeMax Grill benefits at a glance!

Cooking on the LeMax offers convincing advantages. Here is an overview of all benefits:

QuarzSil surface finishing

Hardened & sugar resistant

Quality & Safety

From the product to the packaging

High Quality

Constructed & stable like a professional appliance


Without effort and without pots & pans

Maximum insulation

Insulated handles and housing

Healthy cooking

Food preparation without fat

Pure taste

Without loss of flavors

Versatile and performant

Unlimited freedom

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The best electric grill for indoor and outdoor

On the terrace, in the garden, on the balcony or even when camping, the LeMax Grill is ideal for grilling and for the preparation of various dishes. Thanks to its special ceramic-glass, dishes are prepared directly on the cooking surface, without any use of pots and pans. Due to the simple preparation of food, the LeMax Grill is often called “the best electric grill for indoors and outdoor”. The LeMax Grill is specially insulated. The housing is never too hot and the handles are noticeably cold. These features make our best electric grill extremely mobile. For this reason, this appliance is also often placed in the middle of the table for parties.

One appliance for everything – the LeMax Grill!

The LeMax Grill is extremely versatile. Thanks to the direct cooking method different dishes can be cooked simultaneously. So steaks can be cooked along with potatoes and mixed vegetables. A hearty breakfast with fried eggs, sausages and toast is easily made. The LeMax Grill has no limits. Even baking an Italian pizza is simple to make. Desserts like delicate French crêpes are conceivable. In addition, the LeMax Grill is often used on parties as a hotplate for soups or sauces. Hobby cooks, but also professional chefs, love the LeMax Grill and like to call it their best and most versatile electric grill.

Test of our best electric grill

The LeMax Grill is manufactured in Germany and is subject to strict quality checks. Our engineers do not leave anything to chance. Both inside and outside of the LeMax Grill is planned in detail. All LeMax Grills regularly run through hardness tests. Also the units are checked for durability and quality . We at ELAG also pay special attention to the materials used and components. ELAG collaborates with the most recognized companies in the industry to make the LeMax Grill truly the best electric grill. From the glass-ceramic surface to the electrical components ELAG only works with the best suppliers that truly meet ELAGs quality standards. The insulation of the LeMax Grills is without comparison. Test results show that our best electric grills pass even at the highest temperatures security and functionality tests.

A comparison with other electric grills

Comparing the LeMax Grill with similar products in its category shows that our best electric grill is like no other. The LeMax Grill has a special unibody housing made of sturdy stainless steel, which is most probably the most distinctive quality feature. The housing includes no weld marks. It is protected from above against dripping liquids. Also, the cooking surface is slightly lowered in order to ensure the safety when grilling lots of fat. The LeMax Grill is the electric grill that truly holds its promise on mobility. No comparable grill has such a unique insulation as the LeMax Grills. For ELAG the best electric grill is the one that unifies mobility, security, quality and functionality in one appliance.