LeMax stands for high-quality commercial catering equipment “Made in Germany”

Since the invention of the first LeMax griddle, ELAG has taken cooking to the next level. Never before has cooking been so efficient for professional cooks. With the LeMax commercial catering appliance range, you cook more healthy and agile. The LeMax cooking appliances are made from durable materials and contain true German craftsmanship. Chefs choose LeMax due to its reliable German Quality and powerful features.

LeMax and the future of professional cooking

LeMax products from ELAG are truly state-of-the-art. All LeMax products are “Made in Germany”. LeMax is ELAG’s brand for professional and semi-professional cooking appliances. The range starts with our most versatile and agile grill/ griddle – the LeMax Grill – and ends with our professional, top-of-the-line catering grill carts. All LeMax products are powered with modern infrared heating elements ELAG’s team is truly dedicated to deliver its professional customers the most reliable and functional commercial catering equipment ever.

LeMax products are unique in functionality and elegant in design. The LeMax griddle is most probably the essence of what LeMax can deliver. The unibody stainless-steel housing is a masterpiece of German Engineering. It contains a lowered cooking surface, special insulation in housing and handles and it is equipped with a high-quality glass-ceramic cooking surface that allows you to cook your dishes directly onto its surface. Thanks to its great durability cutting and using cooking utensils is no problem.

LeMax Grill II+ (Mod. GR 495075-E)
Equipped with a large glass-ceramic cooking surface and an unibody stainless-steel housing with special insulation in housing & handles

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LeMax Product Range of Professional Catering Equipment

LeMax products are unique in quality and functionality. The are made of durable materials and reliable components – perfect for professional kitchens. All LeMax products have been designed and are manufactured in Germany.

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LeMax Electric Grills

Story: Paul Laulan

Paul Laulan during preparation of a wedding banquet in his restaurant kitchen.

Paul Laulan – Professional chef and user of LeMax commercial catering equipment

His restaurant business and LeMax

Laulan uses three built-in LeMax Teppanyaki Grills in his restaurant kitchen. In this way, he grills his steaks, sausages and other meats on one LeMax Teppanyaki Grill. The second teppanyaki grill is used for vegetables and the third LeMax built-in griddle is meant for sauces, soups and chocolate, which are kept in pots. Laulan loves the fact that you can cook either directly on the LeMax Teppanyaki Grill’s cooking surface or you can cook with pots and pans. ELAG’s LeMax commercial catering equipment is very versatile, what makes cooking extremely agile and efficient.

His catering business and LeMax

On catering events like weddings or other celebrations, Laulan uses the LeMax griddles. They are mobile and easy to clean – ideal for external events. Thanks to the special glass-ceramic cooking surface, all dishes can be prepared directly on the cooking surface. There is no need for pots and pans. French crêpes, steaks, vegetables, egg dishes, toast and lots of more turn out delicious. On his cooking events there is no need for big cleaning. The glass-ceramic surfaces of the LeMax griddles are easily cleaned with water and paper towels. Thanks to their mobility, they are packed up easily and ready for the next event.

Different dishes can be made easily
on the LeMax Commercial Catering Equipment

The result of Laulan and his team's work during a catering event with LeMax products

Some great features and advantages of LeMax

- no use of pots and pans

- the most diversified cooking experience

- easy-to-clean appliances

- durable and reliable product quality

- special insulation


The LeMax Community is worldwide

The moment you use a LeMax product for the first time, you will be able to sense the quality and efficiency behind the product. ELAG’s commercial catering equipment and appliances are high in quality. All LeMax catering products are made in Germany under high quality standards.

Chefs around the whole world have started to use LeMax for their dishes. The products are easy to clean, powerful and versatile. Our commercial catering equipment has been developed for all kinds of dishes, such as French crêpes, Japanese teppanyaki, American pancakes, English breakfast, German bratwurst etc.. The possibilities are endless.

LeMax can do it all!

Commercial Catering Equipment “Made in Germany”

The commercial catering equipment from LeMax is manufactured in Germany. All LeMax cooking equipment is developed and manufactured in ELAG’s facilities. LeMax is a brand of ELAG. LeMax products are made of high-quality materials, such as the glass-ceramic cooking surface, the high-end infrared heating element and stainless-steel unibody housing. LeMax griddles are mobile and very versatile. Thanks to the special insulation, the LeMax griddles can be easily moved directly after cooking. All LeMax commercial catering appliances are checked various times during the production process and guarantee quality inside and outside the product.

Catering with LeMax Commercial Appliances

Professional caterers choose products that are mobile, easy-to-clean and efficient in cooking. The LeMax commercial catering equipment is great for external events like weddings, business meetings or festivals. The LeMax griddles are mobile, thanks to their special insulation and are amazingly easy to clean. After cooking you just use water and a paper towel. In case of burnt-food use a glass scraper. Cleaning of your catering appliances becomes as easy as a child game. The LeMax cooking concept is phenomenal for catering, as it allows to cook all your dishes directly on the cooking surface. There is no need for pots and pans.

LeMax in professional kitchens

Chefs love LeMax products in their professional kitchens. Hotels, restaurants or snack bars truly believe in the power and efficiency of cooking directly on the surface as on a LeMax appliance. The commercial catering equipment from LeMax has been developed for the needs of professional cooking. Imagine cooking an English breakfast with a LeMax Grill in front of your restaurant visitors, or cooking delicate desserts at the buffet table. The LeMax products are elegant in design and unbelievable versatile. Also our built-in units are great for demanding kitchens. Some customers choose to install 2-3 LeMax built-in grills next to each other in the kitchen. This gives them maximum flexibility in cooking without ever using pots and pans.

Requirements for commercial catering equipment

Commercial catering equipment is used in restaurants, snack bars, hotels, catering events etc.. Customers that seek for LeMax appliances are looking for products, that are reliable, high in quality, functional, efficient and elegant in design. LeMax commercial catering equipment offers a whole new way to cook. Placing your food directly on the glass-ceramic cooking surface makes cooking not only simpler, but healthier. Thanks to the special and non-porous cooking surface, there is no need for excessive fat used. Cleaning of professional cooking appliances has never been easier. With LeMax you do not need to clean pots or pans. It is fantastic for external events or mobile cooking like Frontcooking or Showcooking.