About our best Teppanyaki Grills “Made in Germany”

ELAG has developed the first teppanyaki grill ever with a glass-ceramic surface. This true German innovation allows a complete new product category that is more elegant and efficient. ELAG’s best teppanyaki grills come with true performance. The teppanyaki grills reach temperatures up to 450°C, which is by far higher than you need for teppanyaki. Our best teppanyaki grills are able to grill steaks and sausages. Thanks to their high-end glass-ceramic surface, the grill is very easy to clean and makes this new category to the best teppanyaki grills.

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Teppanyaki grills made with glass-ceramic

Even though teppan is derived from Japanese and means iron plate, ELAG decided to rethink this way of cooking and has found a more efficient, hygienic and versatile solution. With our best teppanyaki grills, we have found a way to improve this centuries-old cooking style. ELAG’s teppanyaki grills come with a special glass-ceramic surface, which is by far more elegant in design but also more efficient, when cleaning the appliance. The glass-ceramic used on our best teppanyaki grill is ultra-smooth and has no unevennesses. Scrapping of food rests after cooking is simpler than ever. Our high-end glass has been designed that even foods like eggs, steaks or even delicate french crêpes can be made on the surface. ELAG’s teppanyaki grills are more versatile than ever.

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Advantages of ELAG’s teppanyaki grills

Next to the wonderful clean and simple design of our best teppanyaki grills, ELAG’s engineers have focused especially on developing a product that would have the same features of common teppanyaki grills, but would solve the day-to-day issues customers are nevertheless having. Our best teppanyaki grills reach temperatures far higher than other teppanyaki grills. The LeMax Teppanyaki Grill reaches temperatures of over 450°C. These temperatures allow you to grill wonderful tasty steaks, sausages, to cook eggs, vegetables, pan cakes and to even bake a pizza, just like on an Italian stone oven. Cleaning of the grills is a child’s play. Our best teppanyaki grills are controlled with special electric touch control, completely without any disturbing knobs.

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Japanese teppanyaki grills „Made in Germany“

All our best teppanyaki grills are proudly „Made in Germany“. Every teppanyaki grill from ELAG is manufactured in our facilities in Germany. ELAG uses high-end materials, such as the special glass-ceramic surface that comes with its unique features of easy-to-clean, elegance and high heat conductivity. The electronic module, that is controlled by touch, has been developed especially for our best teppanyaki grills to make this grill as simple as possible to use. The high-performance heating element reaches temperatures of more than 450°C. These temperatures need to be insulated. Our engineers have developed a unique design of our high-quality teppanyaki grill that completely eliminates this issue. Our best teppanyaki grills are truly „Made in Germany“.

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How to cook Japanese teppanyaki properly

The most common ingredients for tasty Japanese teppanyaki are beef, lobster, chicken and various vegetables cooked together using soy sauce. The grilled teppanyaki dish is usually accompanied with dishes like zucchini, garlic flakes, rice fried or others. With our best teppanyaki grills all foods and dishes can be prepared properly. After coating a bit fat for the taste on the glass-ceramic all foods can be laid directly on the surface. Excessive fat can be pushed into the integrated grease pans, which allows easy cleaning after food preparation. What makes our best teppanyaki grills so great is that the glass is ultra heat conductive. Compared to a iron plate, the heat vanishes faster after cooking and can be adjusted faster while cooking.

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