About our best Electric Grills “Made in Germany”

ELAG’s first electric grill was a huge success years ago. Since then ELAG’s high-quality electric grills have been given the name “LeMax Grill” and have been sold all over the world. Today ELAG proudly presents its best electric grill product range ever. Our high-quality griddles with their special ceramic glass surface are easy to clean and allow you to cook nearly everything directly on the table grill’s surface.  The secret of the LeMax Grill lies in its special unibody construction. Special insulation allows mobile use and makes the LeMax Grill the best electric grill ever – for consumers and professionals equally.

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Direct cooking – Cooking without pots and pans

The LeMax Grill is a powerful electric CERAN Grill and ideal for the ambitious cook. Our best electric grill products are valued by professionals and home chefs equally. The ceramic glass grill plates allow you to cook nearly all foods directly on the cooking surface. The concept of direct cooking has been significantly developed by ELAG in Germany and does not need pots and pans. It is therefore very fast and efficient. Cooking with the LeMax electric grill is lower in calories and richer in vitamins than other food preparation techniques. Due to their high temperatures of up to 360°C, LeMax Grill products are great for making steaks. Thanks to their mobility, these Teppanyaki grills are also often used for parties or showcooking.

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Defining our best Electric Grill ever

When ELAG developed its first electric grill, our developers asked themselves, what they would expect from their own best electric grill. The best electric grill would be the one, that you could use anywhere, indoors and outdoors. The best electric grill is powerful, versatile and mobile. Our engineers wanted to create a table grill that would cook nearly anything without pots and pans. Also the best electric grill would be the one that is the easiest to clean. Our engineers made tests and finally developed and redeveloped over the past years their best electric grill – the LeMax Grill. The LeMax Grill is truly a masterpiece in design. Its special unibody makes the grill our safest electric grill ever. Thanks to its great ceramic glass cooking surface, any food is cooked directly on the surface.

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Professional cooking with our best electric grill selection

Initially ELAG started in the professional cooking business. Chefs and professional showcookers in the past and today choose ELAG’s best electric grills. The LeMax grill plates are great for preparing all kinds of food. Thanks to its mobile feature, the LeMax Grills are great for catering or showcooking events. Our best electric grills are “Made in Germany” and built from very resistant and durable materials. The grills are equipped with a special kind of ceramic glass that allows you to clean faster and more efficient. All our best electric grills come with a unibody – a housing made out of one piece. This gives our best grills not only its special design, but also protects the inside of the electric grill uniquely.

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LeMax grilling – Cooking without limits!

Our best electric grill models have been designed to offer our customers the most versatile grilling experience ever. Grilling on the ceramic glass surface of the LeMax Grill is not limited to just making tender steaks and juicy sausages. ELAG’s best electric grill selection allows you to make vegetables, eggs, french crêpes etc. – even backing pizza is possible! Our today’s LeMax Grill has proven to be the best electric grill for preparing food wherever you are. Thanks to its mobility, you can prepare all your favorite dishes indoor or outdoor. Cooking with LeMax is not only efficient, but also very healthy as you reduce your fat consumption immensely.

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