About our best Cooktops “Made in Germany”

Cooktops from ELAG are designed and manufactured in Germany. Our aim is to offer our customers the best cooktops possible in quality and functionality. “Made in Germany” is not just a lable, but a true responsibility that all our workers carry equally. Our high-quality hobs, or also called stoves, are built under high-quality standards. Our developments are focused on being the most useful to the customer and most long-lasting in quality. That is what we believe makes the best cooktop for our customers.

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ELAG’s unique German production process

Over the past years ELAG has specialized in the production of ceramic glass cooktops. Our cooktops, also called hobs or stoves, embody the essence of what ELAG stands for – quality and design. All cooktops are manufactured in Germany under high quality standards. ELAG chooses German along its supply chain. All major components come from the most recognised and best suppliers of the industry. Thanks to their construction, test results show hobs from ELAG are very powerful and functional. ELAG offers its customers worldwide a range of different cooktop designs – from elegant and timeless to modern and unique. Customers from ELAG appreciate quality in detail – our best cooktops “Made in Germany”.

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Choosing the best cooktop for you

Selecting the right cooktop for one’s kitchen is not easy. The range of different products on the market is large. Finding the best HiLight cooktop or the best Induction cooktop can be difficult. ELAG’s promise has always been to deliver a potent and high-quality product to its customers. We see it as our task to select the best combination of features and best possible materials to deliver a product, that is safe and that will last for years and make the cooking results that our customers wish. Customer reviews and test results have supported our philosophy along the way and have helped us to define our range of best electric cooktops for you. It is now up to you to select between the best Induction cooktop or HiLight cooktop in our product offering.

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Among the best HiLight cooktops

ELAGs best HiLight cooktops are developed and manufactured in Germany. All main components are produced in Germany and underlie high quality standards. Our products are therefore truly “Made in Germany”. ELAGs technician put a lot of emphasis in quality and design. All HiLight cooktops are tested beyond standards before leaving our warehouse. Our best HiLight cooktops function with a special radiant heat system, which works very efficiently in order to guarantee short heat up times. All our best HiLight hobs are equipped with safety function such as overheat control or a Child Lock function. ELAGs HiLight cooktops come in various different designs. You can choose between modern and elegant to creative and extravagant.

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The specialist for ceramic glass products

ELAG has specialized in the production of ceramic glass products over the past 30 years. The company has a strong focus on delivery the most potent ceramic glass products. ELAGs best cooktop selection incorporates the companies focus on quality and design. ELAG in Germany always challenged itself to build products that are beyond standard quality. Tests show that ELAG’s best cooktops are among the best of their category. Furthermore the team focuses on delivering timeless products, not only in quality, but in design. ELAG only uses durable materials and components that guarantee long-lasting product experience. ELAG believes that customer satisfaction does not come from innovation but from reliability and product quality.

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